Tips For Speeding Up a New Computer

jBuying a new laptop computer with all the latest software and operating system installed is a heaven… for some that is. But for others who have been dealing with a lot of problems, specifically with the computer speed, it is as close as regretting ever buying a new system and shouting “Give me back my old computer!” Ironic, isn’t it?

In all fairness to the new laptops and desktops, yes, of course, they have their share of exceptional things such as higher specs, the great interface, design and appearance and brand new programs plus other add-ons such as widgets, and the like. Unfortunately, after quite some time, these consumers do not get to enjoy these new things anymore since they need to lessen their use of it. Why? Their computer is slowing down. Thus, to make computer faster has been their agenda ever since. Come to think of it, what’s the use of buying a new one when you cannot feel its beneficial effects?

So what is causing the sluggish performance of the computers? The new add-ons that new operating systems have may be

Keep Your PC Healthy With Computer Tips and Tricks


Everybody just has to have a computer these days. Life without a computer is unimaginable. I am sure that there are those who feel that life without a computer is impossible. There was a time when food, clothing and shelter were the only necessities that man had. Fast forward to today, and we have yet another necessity to add to that list — Say hello to the friendly neighborhood computer.

Of course, now that you have a computer, you have to work on it. Certainly, there must be people who keep their PCs covered throughout the year, removing the covers once a month only to check if it is still working. But you don’t need me to tell you that such people are exceptions, not the rule. So for all those of us that have to be on our computers everyday, how do we make sure that our computers are working perfectly? This is where computer tips & tricks come in.

One important aspect that requires you to use computer tips & tricks is in ensuring that your computer does


Best Tips to Choose the Right Computer For Your Needs


Do you need a new PC? Nowadays, there are a lot of types and brands of computer with different features. Choosing the right one is, of course, not so easy. You may be in a dilemma. The following guides can help you choose the right one.

Computer is sold mostly as a package. Also, the software is usually included as the deal. This package is a good deal for those who buy computer for the first time. However, you also may find that it is not a bargain.

Another important thing is that you have to know your need. If you need your computer mostly for graphics programs, playing games, or storing a lot of video and audio files, you will need computer which has a large memory with a fast processor speed. If you need some programs run at the same time, your computer may not have enough memory. In addition, upgrading the memory and the operating system can add more dollars.

All those features which are equipped to the computer may not totally satisfy your needs. If you want a laser printer for

5 Tips on Choosing a Cooling Fan For Your Personal Computer

Keeping your computer cool is vital. An overheating computer will become unreliable and may freeze or crash on a regular basis. Indeed, parts of it may expire altogether. Even if a computer does not become hot enough for the above to happen, the life of internal components may be significantly reduced.

The following tips will ensure that your computer remains cool without excessive fan noise.

1. Quality

Most personal computers are cooled by fans. It is therefore very important that the fans are reliable. To ensure reliability, premium brand units should be purchased. They do not necessarily cost much more than an average generic model and should indeed be cost effective as they usually have a longer lifespan.

To decide whether a fan is of required quality it would be wise to check through fan reviews that can be found in computer magazines or, better still, on the internet.

2. Size

Bigger fans are definitely better. Large fans can shift more air than a smaller fan and for a given volume of air, can do it more quietly. So if you have a case that can house large fans then go for this option. Given the ability to move more air means that larger fans

Importance of Desktop Icon My Computer

Have you ever logged onto your Windows computer and wondered what all the icons on your desktop are for, and in fact are they really needed? Normally when you have a brand new Windows based computer system you will not have a lot of icons, just a few basic ones such as; My Computer, Control Panel, Network, Internet Explorer, etc. Naturally after a while your desktop will be loaded with icons.

Many of these icons do not need to be there, they are just set up to allow for quick access to folders, files and programs. One that can be important however, is the my computer window icon. This is one particular desktop icon you will want to leave in place. If you are wondering the importance of the ‘My Computer’ desktop image and if it is indeed essential, let’s go over a some examples and reasons.

If you have actually clicked on the icon you will have been taken to My Computer Window which will show quite a bit of things. You will notice within this window you see your disk drives, as well as links to networking areas of your computer. There will be links to your USB ports

Tips About Upgrading Your PC To Improve Internet Marketing Results

The quality of your work will be ultimately affected by the level of PC hardware you’re using. If you are managing your website personally or if you frequently use videos for Internet marketing then that’s when you’ll have to show serious thought about upgrading your computer.

Tips about Upgrading Your PC to Improve Internet Marketing Results

Here are a few things you should consider if you are thinking about upgrading your PC to further strengthen your efforts in Internet marketing.

How old is your computer?

If your computer is not more than two years old then yes, upgrading is a recommended action to take if you feel that your current PC isn’t up to task but it’s not bad enough to warrant selling off and having it replaced with a new one.

If, however, your computer has been with you for more than two years then no, upgrading might not be the wisest choice to make. The IT industry, whether it has to do with software or hardware, is a dynamic place and a lot of things that make up your computer become obsolete in a short amount of time. Even if you still feel comfortable with what you’re using and you don’t think

How to Choose the Best Computer For You

Buying a new computer can be quite a difficult task. There are so many different choices you can make these days – Such as Mac or PC, Specifications of the computer and so much more. Here are some tips to help you make your decision.

First thing you need to do is to think about what you’re going to use your computer for. This will help you decide on some features of the computer. If you’re going to use it for simple tasks such as browsing the internet and talking to friends, then the graphics card won’t be much of a problem for you. However, if you aim to use the computer for much bigger tasks, such as playing video games, then it can be a lot more expensive. If you want to play video games, a high-quality graphics card and great speakers are essential to make the gaming experience a lot better.

Second thing to think about is whether to get a brand name computer or a cloned computer. A brand name computer is a computer completely made from one computer, like you would see in Computer Retail Stores. This can mean that you’ll get great support, but often they

Tips to Avert Virus Attacks

A virus always finds various means to enter your system and slip into your software causing maximum damage. While surfing, clicking links, downloading or uploading you are continually vulnerable and prone to virus attack. however, if you are careful then you might be able to avert virus attack or stay protected for a long time.

A malware is malicious software that is designed to infect systems, this includes, Trojans, Spyware, Keyloggers, Viruses, Worms and adware. These are just the broader categories to make you understand. Millions of systems get infected world over each year and the attacks are increasing at an alarming rate.

Some basic surfing tips

Initially it is all about keeping yourself safe online without too much dependence on external security. You need to change your surfing habits that will ensure that you are not falling into the virus infection trap. It is essential that you follow smart computing tips.

Following are some of the tips that you can keep in mind while surfing online:

• It is advisable no to open or even access e-mail attachments from unknown sources. Additionally, to be on the safer side do not open an e-mail attachment if it looks suspicious even sent by a known

Tricks That Will Make Your Slow PC Fast Again

Computers tend to run slower as they get older. This may be caused by a lot of reasons. It may be that your system is already too old and you need to buy a new one or upgrade the system. Spyware and viruses can also cause your PC to bog down. So does the accumulation of outdated programs and unnecessary files which are stored in your desktop or laptop and here are some slow computer tips to speed it up.

Your PC might also have a fragmented hard drive or the windows registry might have been corrupted. It might also be because of the dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned. Whatever the problem, you can always find a solution. Here are some tips on how to make your PC run faster.

First, always clean your PC and keep it free of dust and dirt. Dirt clogs up all the fans and can cause the PC to overheat. You also have to clean up disk space in order to make your computer run faster. Delete temporary and unnecessary files and unused programs. Empty the recycle bin and remove programs you are not using.

You can reformat your computer to make it run

Computer Tips If Your System is Running Low on Virtual Memory

In today’s modern technology, computer software requires enormous amounts of system resources and RAM. Microsoft Windows does its best to utilize what memory you already have installed, however, in many instances that is just not enough to properly operate many programs. Windows will use something which is called Virtual Memory, which basically is just some allotted space that the computer will use when you do not have enough memory (RAM). If you are multi-tasking you might actually end up encountering an error that will say “Your system is low on virtual memory”. This article will explain a bit about that, and give you some related computer tips on how to fix this error.

If you happen to noticed that your computer is running sluggish, it could be that your system is low on virtual memory, and you may have to increase it. To do this, you first need to know some information about your computer and operating system. Windows typically allocates a certain amount of this memory by calculating how much actual RAM you have. It will then create the page file to use with this calculation, it must also take into account how much memory the operating system will

Speed Up Computer Tips

Surfing the internet is fun and their is so much knowledge out there. Their comes a time when surfing is not fun at all because your computer gets slow. A slow computer is not only an inconvenience but it is also frustrating. Here are some good speed up computer tips.

Their are things that you can do to make sure your computer is running fast. A slow computer is cluttered with files and junk. It gets slowed down because it is to much stuff for the computer to handle. Most of the junk is spyware. Spyware is gained as you surf the internet if you don’t have any protection.

You need a good spyware remover program to get rid of the spyware. A good one will update databases regularly. Spyware is like viruses which come out with new ones everyday. It is important that you remove spyware at least once a week to have your computer running at the fastest speed. It is an excellent idea to have a spyware program that is active and scans everything that you run into while surfing the internet.

Another thing you want to do is to keep your computer clean. By this I mean cleaning

Best Computer Tips to Help With Slowing Computer Problems

Everyone find it’s annoying when their computer seems to be quite a bit slower than it used to be. There are many reasons why a computer might slow down and not be quite as fast as it used to be. Follow these computer tips to help you get help with slow computer problems.

There are quite a few things that you need to check on and update to be sure that you can keep your computer running properly.

Defragment the hard drive.

Everyone once in awhile make sure you defragment the hard drive. This doesn’t have to be done weekly like many suggest, but if it hasn’t been done before that should be a starting point.

Update and run virus software.

When a computer is connected to the internet, there are quite a few problems like viruses and spyware that will completely slow down a machine and can make personal information unsafe. Be sure to have programs to stop these problems and update them at least weekly. New viruses and spyware come out almost on a daily basis that can effect your computer.

Make sure the slow speed isn’t your internet connection.

If you are surfing the internet and are experiencing slow speeds, then it’s most likely

Computer Tips that Help Small Businesses Operate Profitably

When working properly, computers enable small businesses to make big business profits; however, get booted off your computer and you’re suddenly starving. In most instances, computers usually act up due to lack of care by its owners. Here are four computer tips that’ll keep you up and running smoothly.

Tip #1 — Back up your computer’s data no less than once a month.

Too often a small business is thrust back to infancy because it didn’t take time to back up precious data; information that took hours upon hours to create. Information that’s irreplaceable, such as customer databases or employment contracts. Keep in mind you’ll want to back up your written data as well as check books such as Quicken and email address books. If your computer has a CD writer, it’s simple and quick to back up your data. Simply select the files and folders you want to back up and copy them to the writer.

Or if you have an older computer, copy your most important files to a floppy disk. Either way, don’t stop there; now take the CD or disk and store it in a fire-safe box! To expedite the process, organize your files within folders so you

What to Do When Your Computer Doesn’t Power Up

It’s not the end of the world when you turn your computer on and it does not power up like it normally does. There usually are some simple reasons for your computer not powering up, so freaking out will not help you out in the least. You have to remember that your computer is a machine and that it doesn’t do anything it’s not programmed to do.

When it comes to laptops the first thing you’ll want to check is to see if your battery is even connected to your laptop. Since laptops are meant to be portable, often times, you’ll find that during your travels your battery will come unlatched. When it comes unlatched it will not be able to provide power to the laptop.

If your battery is connected to your laptop and you’re still not receiving any power from it then you’ll want to connect your laptop to an AC outlet. This is to see whether or not the reason your computer’s not starting up is because the battery has lost its juice.

Batteries naturally lose their capacity to hold a charge over time and the longer you own a laptop the more your batteries are going to lose


Decide On A PC Monitor Before You Buy Your New Computer Equipment

Before you buy your new computer equipment you will want to decide on a PC monitor. After all you will be staring at it for the next few years! You will need to decide on the image quality, resolution, size, and type. You’re new one should have enough screen space for what you will be doing. The viewable size is about an inch smaller that the advertised tube size on CRTs. The best size for most people is 17-19 inch. Either of these sizes should be plenty for most computer equipment needs. An LCD screen is the full size it says so it really takes up a lot less space than the CRT, inch for inch.

Would A LCD or CRT PC Monitor Fit Your Style of Computer Equipment?

Is an LCD PC monitor for you?

For most computer users a 17 inch LCD is the optimal desktop pc monitor. A 15 inch is cheaper but will seem quite small if your current computer equipment as a 17 inch CRT. 17 inch will be most comfortable in size and price. The price is much higher when you get to an 18 to 19 inch PC monitor.

Maybe a CRT PC monitor is for

Products For Improving Your Computer

If you are looking to improve your computer then there are a few things that you can get to do so. Having a computer that is slow or doesn’t hold a lot of memory can be a pain.

The first thing that a person should invest in is an anti-glare screen covering. The covering is basically just a nylon stocking that is stretched over your monitor. While this sounds a bit ghetto, they are actually quite professional. The purpose of having them on your monitor is to reduce the glare from the different light sources around you. If you are lucky, you might be able to find monitors that come with them built in.

One of the main reasons that your eyes get strained from looking at computers so much is because of the glare that is coming off of it. The covering will cut down on the glare so that it will reduce the strain on your eyes.

It should be noted that for every hour that you stare at the computer screen you should rest your eyes for 5 minutes. This will also help to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes.

Having a slow computer is a pain in

Top Tips to Avoid DLL Errors

What is DLL?
DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept used by Windows operating system. The Dynamic Link Library files usually have the DLL, DRV (for legacy system drivers) or OCX (for libraries including ActiveX controls) as their file extension. These library files can be used to store functions and codes that can be provoked when ever required.

DLL Errors
The main reason for DLL errors is the presence of hundreds of DLL files in various conditions on the system. The DLL file errors are one of the most common problems for computer users. There may be several reasons for a DLL error. Few of the common reasons of DLL errors are:

o Deleting or overwriting one or more DLL files during installation or deletion of a program
o Corrupted, missing, or damaged DLL files
o Corrupted applications
o Invalid entries in the registry

There are different ways by which you can prevent DLL errors from occurring. Some of the top tips to avoid DLL errors are given below:

o Be careful while installing or uninstalling a program. You should be careful while installing or uninstalling a program, so that you run all the files correctly.

Cleaning an LCD Screen Best Tips

Your laptop screen is a mess, but you don’t know how to clean it. Well then, here is an article which will give you some tips and recommendations on the best ways of cleaning an LCD screen, either on your laptop or your desktop monitor and even a television.

First take notice of these couple of important things that you should never do to get a clean LCD. Never use anything which is sharp or abrasive for LCD cleaning. You should also never directly spray any type of cleaning solution, not even water directly onto your screen. Please note that your LCD screen is not made of glass, so this is important you remember not to do.

You can either make your own LCD cleaning solution or you can get some bought in your local retail store. Just note, that you might end up paying more than double if you buy the premade solutions. Although if you are nervous about making the solution or just don’t have the time, buying premade LCD cleaning solution is a good option. To make your own solution you will need, diluted isopropyl alcohol, which is nothing more than rubbing alcohol. You need to mix it

Making Your Machine Faster With These Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

Computers are made to be fast, reliable, and efficient. They are designed to be used every day and have no issues. However, this only happens when computers are new, but as the computers ages, they always boot so slow or will act unusual. The worst part, it will stop working for no known reason.

Computers run slow because of the situation happening from its software to its hardware. The most common cause is the proliferation of malwares and viruses that clog the system. Or perhaps, programs and junk files already occupy too many spaces in the storage unit. Operating system usually uses a space in the hard drive to have its virtual memory, without the extra space, will slowdown the PC. Other causes would be hardware failures or below specification issues.

The problem that computer users are now facing is how to make their PC run faster. Unfortunately, most of the tips to speed up computers are very technical that ordinary people cannot understand.

The good news is this article will give you tips on how to speed up your computer and explain it in a way that ordinary computer users can understand.

First on the list of our tips to speed up computers

Tips For Extending Laptop Battery Life

One of the most discussed aspects of owning a laptop and mobile computing, is how to get more operating time from the laptop battery.  Everyone needs more time from the battery when they are traveling, or not able to have the laptop plugged into the AC outlet. It seems we always need more operating time than we can get from the battery, and it never fails that we are near the end of a critical task when the screen goes dim.

The first consideration when buying a new laptop, refurbished laptop, or a new replacement  battery is to study the manual and the recommendation that the manufacturer has for initially charging and discharging the battery.  The conditioning of the battery is important to its ultimate life and also allows the laptop to calibrate its charging status indicators with the battery. The process will vary depending on the battery technology and it is important that it be followed. The following are tips to follow to get more life and operating time from your battery:

Reduce LCD Display Brightness

Operate the display at the lowest brightness level that is comfortable for your eyes.  The brightness of the LCD screen is one of the main components